Six things I should blog about, but won’t

One: My most recent webinar. The archive of School Library Journal’s “What’s the Buzz? New Books in Nonfiction” is now up; I come in at around the 18:00 mark to talk about DK, Common Core, and some of our new releases.

Two: My upcoming DK trip to Brighton! I leave Newark on Saturday evening and return Thursday evening. Any advice for Brightonian activities and/or restaurants would be much appreciated; at the moment, my plan is to wander, wander some more, and take advantage of the hotel amenities. I am OK with this plan.

Three: A weekend spent in the Poconos with Matt. It proved to be the quiet, relaxing time we both needed. Lots of good food, good wine, and beautiful scenery later, we’re renewed, recharged, and back with a vengeance.

Four: The lovely Broadway adaptation of Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella that Lauren treated me to for my birthday back in January. There is simply nothing like seeing a play opening night of previews; the mishaps make it all the more special, and the excitement in the air is tangible.

Five: Attending my first ballet, that being the absolutely stunningly gorgeous Sleeping Beauty at the New York City Ballet at Lincoln Center. What I wouldn’t give to have the grace and stamina of a ballerina. But considering I was winded just walking up the stairs to the fifth circle, me thinks this is a bit of a pipe dream.

Six: The writer’s duo that I’ve started with Lindsay, in which she is creating a wonderfully written, intriguing novel, and in which I promise to write each week, but don’t. Sound familiar, blog? Sound familiar??




  1. All 6 things are wonderful! Sometimes lists are easier to read and appreciate. That said, I think this post is awesome! A recap of #2 would be nice though 😉

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