I’m going to see every single Broadway musical of all time. Really.

No, really!

Or, at least, probably?

A solid maybe.

The new blog is up and running over at — check, check, check it out!


In which I throw myself a blog-warming party

A new blog! A new web space! A new step into professionalism! I pat myself on the back. Yet, at the same time, I smack myself in the head: Come on, Allie; you couldn’t make the last blog work, so what’s going to be so different about this one?

Why, I’m glad I asked!

I plan to use this web space as a professional scrapbook, not only of myself, but of the book industry. Writing, editing, reading, publishing, digitizing, monetizing… the publishing industry is changing every day, and so am I. I’m infatuated with books, how they’re made, why they’re made, what they can do and what they should do; I’m enamored with editors who post their thoughts on author/editor relationships, query letters, the narrative process, the evolution of the novel; I’m curious how children read, which books are used in schools, what topics interest librarians, how–or, if–opinions of children’s e-books are changing; I’m intrigued by publishers, both large and small, and the decisions they make. I will use this web space to compile others’ thoughts on these topics, and more, as well as my own. I’ll also use it to make often and non-subtle pleas for you to hire me as a freelancer. (DO IT! Excuse me.) In short, it is my most sincere hope that this blog will provide me a place to focus, a place to remember, a place to communicate, and a place to think.

I think I’m off to a good start.