Ewan McGreggor

Broadway Haikus

I am woefully behind in reviewing the shows I’ve seen. Woefully. A full write-up for each is overdue, but unlikely to happen. Therefore, to bring this blog back up to speed, I’ve crafted haikus instead. Which, in retrospect, probably took equally as much (if not more) time than writing full reviews. But… shuddup. Enjoy! And, if you’re up for the challenge, post your own Broadway-inspired haikus in the comments.

Be my best friend, Emma Stone.

[Photo Credit: Entertainment Weekly]
This is a photo of me delivering my haikus at a recent spoken-word poetry slam. Kind of.

Cabaret (with Michelle Williams)
I had always thought
This was a fun, silly show
About showbiz. Wrong.

Cabaret (with Emma Stone)
Emma as Sally
Was an unexpected choice
But my, did it work.

Hedwig (with Andrew Rannells)
A noble effort
And a powerful voice, but…
I missed NPH.

You Can’t Take It With You
Something ’bout this one
Didn’t land with me. Oh well.
Sorry James Earl Jones.

Hedwig (with Michael C. Hall)
Oh, hey there Dexter.
While fans mob you at the door,
I’ll chat up Lena.


“Again?” Yes, again.
I bought tix online while drunk.
Don’t judge. No regrets.

The Real Thing
Ewan McGreggor’s
Extremely well-tailored pants
Kind of stole the show.

Into the Woods
The staging! The cast!
I so loved this performance.
‘specially the cow.


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