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Tony Awards 2015: My Pre-show Picks

The 69th Annual Tony Awards will be held at Radio City Music Hall on Sunday. (Image from

The 69th Annual Tony Awards will be held at Radio City Music Hall on Sunday. (Image from

Entering a Tony Awards pool at your office? Need some help with your predictions? Want to place your trust in a complete stranger who only knows 50% of what she’s talking about? Great! Here are my picks for Sunday’s broadcast:

Best Play: Wolf Hall Parts One & Two
I am so out of my depth on anything that isn’t about musicals. I saw only two plays this year — The Real Thing, which isn’t nominated, and You Can’t Take It With You, which I didn’t enjoy — so my play picks are going to be mostly guesses. In this case, I feel like Wolf Hall has been on people’s minds lately, what with the TV show. Plus, this is two plays in one; it’s doubly impressive. I wouldn’t be too surprised or upset to see Curious Incident win this category, though.

Best Musical: Fun Home
Oh, this is difficult. An American in Paris was beautiful and is likely to take home an award or two, but I don’t think it will be the biggie. Something Rotten! is getting such good hype and really seems loved by the industry (aka, the voters). The Visit… eh. I’ve got to give it to Fun Home. It’s ground-breaking in a way Tony voters will want to acknowledge.

Best Revival of a Play: You Can’t Take It With You
Again, I’m out of my depth with plays, and again, I just didn’t love this. But people whose opinions I respect did. So maybe I’m just a dullard.

On the Town (Image from

On the Town (Image from

Best Revival of a Musical: ^On the Town
I had such low expectations for On the Town, but was unbelievably surprised how well executed it was. Good stuff, and deserving of a Tony. I’d probably give it a nod for choreography, too, if An American in Paris didn’t open this year. On the Twentieth Century doesn’t seem to have landed well, and The King and I is getting less press than I’d expect from such a big show.

Best Book of a Musical: Fun Home
I’ll be shocked if Fun Home doesn’t win here.

Best Original Score Written for the Theatre: Fun Home
…and here. (Though Something Rotten! might give it a run for its money.)

Best Actor in a Leading Role in a Play: Ben Miles (Wolf Hall Parts One & Two)
This is such a guess. I just don’t see Tony voters giving a statue to Bradley Cooper.

Best Actress in a Leading Role in a Play: Helen Mirren (The Audience)
I mean, come on. She plays the Queen of England. And she’s Helen Mirren.

Best Actor in a Leading Role in a Musical: Michael Cerveris (Fun Home)
The industry does love Brian d’Arcy James (as do I). But Cerveris needs to be recognized for this unique, passionate, and incredibly intricate performance.

(image from

Leanne Cope, An American in Paris (Image from

Best Actress in a Leading Role in a Musical: ^Leanne Cope (An American in Paris)
Okay, this is my long shot. Realistically, the award will probably go to Beth Malone. But, honestly, I didn’t even know if she’d be nominated for leading actress or featured actress. Her role has only a few good moments in a musical packed with many amazing moments. On the other hand, Leanne Cope’s grace and athleticism is something rare. She took a chance taking on a Broadway role, and thank goodness she did. I’d love to see her take home an honor. (Seriously, that 20-minute ballet sequence at the end? That alone was worth the ticket price.)

Best Actor in a Featured Role in a Play: Nathaniel Parker (Wolf Hall Parts One & Two)
::shakes fist:: Plays! I have no idea. Giving it to Wolf Hall again.

Best Actress in a Feature Role in a Play: Patricia Clarkson (The Elephant Man)
Love me some Patricia Clarkson.

Best Actor in a Featured Role in a Musical: Christian Borle (Something Rotten!)
Something Rotten! is definitely not going home with nothing. That said, it’s possible voters will split between Borle and Oscar. But then, I’d imagine they’d also split between An American in Paris‘ Uranowitz and von Essen. Realistically, I think Borle will take it. (I did enjoy Uranowitz’s performance, though. Crossing my fingers for him anyway.)

(Image from

Sydney Lucas, Fun Home (Image from

Best Actress in a Featured Role in a Musical: ^Sydney Lucas (Fun Home)
This category is probably the most talked about, with three Fun Home actresses nominated. But without a doubt, Sydney Lucas is the runaway winner here. Emily Skeggs was charming, and Judy Kuhn was masterful, but Lucas was memorable and, not to mention, adorable. I think Tony voters will want to see her up on that stage.

Best Scenic Design of a Play: Bunny Christie & Finn Ross (The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time)
Maybe? I don’t know. Probably Wolf Hall again.

Best Scenic Design of a Musical: Fun Home
If I had my way, An American in Paris would take this one home. But I don’t see that happening. Too much intricacy going on in Fun Home. Plus, everyone appreciates how well they transitioned from the Public to a theater in the round.

Best Costume Design of a Play: Christopher Oram (Wolf Hall Parts One & Two)
Sure, why not?

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time (Image from

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time (Image from

Best Lighting Design of a Play: Paule Constable (^The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time)
My real reasoning? Erm. I was going to pick Natasha Katz here for Skylight, because the title of the show has the word “light” in it, but I think she’s got a good shot of winning in the Musicals category for An American in Paris, and I think people are unlikely to vote for her twice. This is a terrible reason, and I don’t know what I’m talking about. It’s like picking the winner of the Super Bowl based on the color of their uniforms. Sorry. I’ll see myself out.

Best Lighting Design of a Musical: Natasha Katz (An American in Paris)
See above.

Best Direction of a Play: Jeremy Herrin (Wolf Hall Parts One & Two)
I’m counting on you, Wolf Hall.

Best Direction of a Musical: Sam Gold (Fun Home)

Best Choreography: Christopher Wheeldon (An American in Paris)
I was basically in awe the entire time. This seems like a hands-down win to me.

Best Orchestrations: Christopher Austin, Don Sebesky & Bill Elliott (An American in Paris)
Something Rotten! and Fun Home probably have a better chance, but these orchestrations were beautiful.

Fun Home: 7
Wolf Hall Parts One & Two: 5
An American in Paris: 4
The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time: 2
The Audience: 1
The Elephant Man: 1
On the Town: 1
Something Rotten!: 1
You Can’t Take It With You: 1

Final thoughts: Hmm. I think I might have been too kind to An American in Paris. More than likely, a few of those are going to be distributed to Fun Home (which could, realistically, sweep its categories) or Something Rotten! (which I’m surprised I only gave one award to here). Also… is it just me, or does the Tony lineup seem a little less exciting than in years past? I guess there’s always next year to look forward to — other than the fact that the Hamilton people are probably already having a trophy case specially designed to be big enough to hold all their wins. Wonder if Hamilton will perform on Sunday night…

In Conclusion: John Cameron Mitchell is getting a special award, so everything’s going to be all right.

JCM, you complete me. (Image from

JCM, you complete me. (Image from