I’ve worked at DK, a division of Penguin Random House, since 2011. I organize, edit, oversee, manage, draft, schedule, and do lots of other (boring-sounding-but-actually-super-interesting-and-engaging) verbs. My focus is on nonfiction for teens, licensed product, cookbooks, travel, and getting to any baked goods placed on the filing cabinets before my coworkers realize they’re there. Before I worked at DK…

…I worked at Scholastic. Which was a super cool first job in publishing, because I adore children’s books. Like, more than an adult should, probably.

I also do freelance work. I’m a writer, copy editor, editor, and proofreader. Will work for books. (Okay, will work for money and books.) You should hire me because I’m great. Like, super great.

Other places I’ve worked include a dance studio, a photography studio, a pizzeria, a preschool, a local newspaper, a student newspaper, a summer camp, and a baby-sitting agency.

And I’ve won awards! I was the recipient of the prestigious DK Book Spine award in 2011 and have a trophy to prove it. I also won the Ward Award from The College of New Jersey in 2009 for being generally awesome — or, for “fostering the opportunity for creative writing to flourish,” depending on who you ask.

Things I love include tap dancing, thinking about tap dancing, and my husband, Jon Snow. Things I hate include cleaning up after myself, fifth-floor walk-up apartments, and mustard.


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